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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I have decided to start this blog to share with you the great story on Energy in Eastern Africa. This is an African story, like no other, a story at its infancy, with intrigues and great potential.

From the offshore discoveries in Mozambique and Tanzania of over 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Quantities able to supply energy hungry Asia for a number of years. To the discovery of Oil in Uganda, Kenya and possibly Ethiopia and Somalia. I haven't even mentioned the proven oil deposits in the Sudans and the conflict its causing.

On the electricity side there is the development of the East African Power Pool. Where countries in Eastern African will trade power with each other. With those that have surplus like Ethiopia selling their electricity to those in deficit like Kenya and Uganda. This will mean investment in more high voltage wires accross the region.

The coal deposits in the Mui basin in eastern Kenya provide's another dimension to the growing energy mix.

Geothermal energy in the Great Rift Valley is an option for Ethiopia and Kenya. Kenya is exploring this resource that has a potential of producing 7,000MW of electricity. To put this into context Kenya's current installed generation capacity is a little above 1,300MW.

Rwanda is not to be left behind with its methane gas project that harnesses the gas from the depths of Lake Kivu to produce electricity.

There are stories of power black outs in most of region and the negative impact it has on business and investment. To occasional fuel shortages that are as a result of structural deficiencies, with legacy under-investment in oil infrastructure such as storage, pipelines and refineries.

This is a story i hope to talk about on this blog. Welcome...