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Friday, 27 July 2012

Kenya House @ The Olympics

Kenyans are known for their athletic prowess, especially in winning medals at the Olympics. This year, The Government of Kenya is leveraging on this by having a Kenya House near the Olympics Park. Where guests can interact with Kenyan sportsmen and officials, while finding out more about Kenya.

The House is being used to promote Kenya's investment and trade opportunities. These include her main exports of tea, coffee, horticulture and tourism. This time not to be left behind Infrastructure projects are also being showcased such as the LAPSSET Projects (Lamu Port etc), Energy Projects and Konza ICT city to mention but a few.

For those who cannot go to West Ham Lane, Stratford, London between the 27th July and 12th August, you can catch the action in the House online via , Where you can attend sessions virtually via various streams, contribute, debate and ask questions.