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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Envirofit launches revolutionary institutional cooking stoves.

Half of the world’s population uses biomass in its various forms, be it charcoal or firewood for daily cook. Cook stoves using biomass and to some extent kerosene are major indoor polluters in Africa and around the emerging world, affecting mainly women and children who use them on a daily basis. Pollution is in the form of pungent smells and toxic soot which affects respiratory systems of the people confined in their vicinity. In addition blurred vision is also caused by the emitted smoke and the resulting teary eyes, raising the danger of fire accidents.

Over four million people worldwide die annually from the effects of indoor pollution caused by cook stoves, mainly through lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer.

Innovative market based solutions such as efficient cook stoves that reduce emissions and use less fuel that in turn produce less smoke are the solution.

In Africa cook stoves are by far the biggest residential energy business because over 60% of the population uses either biomass or kerosene cook stoves. This is mainly as a result of low national electricity household penetration especially in rural areas which averages between 10 -30% in sub-Saharan Africa excluding South Africa. Even when there is electricity or other cleaner ways of cooking such as LPG gas, it tends to be too expensive for the average household to sustainably use it.

In addition institutions such as schools, colleges or universities use large scale cooking stoves to cook food for their members and staff, further, raising the importance of biomass cook stoves.

Envirofit ( an American firm specializing in developing scalable and sustainable market based clean cook stoves produces well engineered products that use 60% less biomass fuel and produce 90% less emissions. With most products having 10 year performance warranties and are geared towards the emerging markets.

Envirofit was formed in 2003 as a spinoff company out of Colorado State University’s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory to develop well-engineered technology solutions to solve global energy and health challenges. Envirofit began by producing and selling direct injection retrofit kits for two-stroke motorcycle engines in the Philippines - a project that won the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2008.

In 2007, Envirofit turned its attention to clean cookstoves, partnering with Shell Foundation’s Breathing Space Program to prove the market for the development of a scalable clean cookstove solution. Developing their first commercial clean cookstove model, Envirofit began its pilot program in India in 2008. After an exponential increase in sales in the first two years Envirofit began to scale the model in 2010. To meet the demands of consumers in different markets, Envirofit combined the global knowledge of cooking cultures from field-based research with innovative clean cooking technologies to design new products using advanced computational tools, rigorous performance testing. In 2009 Envirofit won Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment Award followed by the Economist’s Energy and the Environment Innovators of the Year in 2013.

On 21st March 2014, in Nairobi, Kenya, Envirofit launched the EFI- 100L Institutional cooking stove catering for orphanages, schools, and community centres.

Features of this stove include:

  1. Pot Volume: 100 Litres
  2. Time to Boil: Under 80 minutes
  3. Thermal Efficiency: 50%
  4. Firepower: 30kW
  5. Lifespan: 5 year minimum
  6. Easy to maintain with cleanable chimney
  7. Portable, stable and safe

This stove combines all of Envirofit’s industry-leading household cookstove technologies into a highly-efficient institutional-sized cookstove. This model includes a 100Litre pot, however, this design can be scaled to incorporate larger pot sizes to customize to local specifications. The Institutional cookstove is designed to meet all proposed ‘tier 4’ indoor emissions, efficiency, and safety ISO-IWA standards for cookstoves delivering unmatched efficiency and emissions reductions.

For interest in these product and other products contact:
Institutional Sales Professionals
Envirofit International
+254 705 186471
+254 720 929361

Or contact the blogger for further information.