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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

AfriCOG- Call For Proposals for Consultancy

Consultancy to develop a brief on entrenching good governance (transparency and accountability) in Kenya’s oil extractive industry

Date issued:  9th July 2013
Submission deadline: 18th July 2013
About AfriCOG: AfriCOG is an independent, non-profit organisation that provides cutting edge research and monitoring on governance and public ethics issues in both public and private sectors so as to address the structural causes of the crisis of governance in the country. The overall objectives of our programme activities are: to strengthen anti-corruption and good governance in Kenya with objective, high-quality research and advocacy; and to build Kenya’s capacity to be permanently vigilant and monitor progress on governance issues in the public and private sectors.

Background: Kenya recently discovered large oil, gas, and coal deposits and is now set to start mass extraction of the same. International experience in similar situations reveals economic, social and political challenges faced by resource-rich developing countries in translating the potential benefits from such discovery into something that the citizens of the country can benefit from while maintaining peace.
The absence of strong mechanisms for accountability and oversight in the extractive industries of these countries, have allowed for small groups of persons to entrench themselves in the system and benefit entirely, while allowing corruption to take root, to the detriment of the communities in oil rich areas and the countries as a whole. This has also led to conflicts in these oil rich areas. To avoid going down the same path, Kenya will have to prepare and put up strong safeguards in its oil extractive sector at an early stage.

Description of Task and Timelines:
The consultant will develop a brief on Kenya’s oil extractive industry. The brief will address and focus on how transparency, accountability and public participation (good governance in general) can be entrenched in the way the sector operates. The brief developed by the consultant should be simple to understand as in addition to being used by larger civil society partners and policy makers, it is intended for use by citizens in the grassroots and community based organizations in their own advocacy and civic vigilance efforts.

The 20 page+/- brief will encompass the below:

1.      Kenya’s (Ministry of Energy) actions so far in preparing for the extraction of oil, since discovery, including awarding of tenders, efforts to learn from other countries which have active oil extractive sectors etc.

2.      The effect, so far, of the discovery of oil deposits on the communities found in the areas in which the oil has been discovered

3.      Best practice in terms of dealing with corruption and entrenching transparency, accountability and public participation in the industry, including reporting on revenues and dealing with non compliance with laws/regulations, oversight mechanisms, open contracting etc.

4.      Aspects of sustainable development that the government has to pay attention to while exploring the oil in order to ensure that in the years to come (after exploration stops) the persons in the areas where the oil is explored are able continue to have proper lives/can sustain themselves beyond the exploration

5.      Any remedial action that should be taken up now and recommendations going forward based on the best practice discussed, including how to ensure that the local communities are protected and that they benefit appropriately  (focusing on necessary legal and institutional mechanisms and the relationships between the two)

The assignment will be undertaken over a 1 ½ -2 week period.

Profile and experience:
The consultant should have substantial experience in the following areas of expertise:

  1. Constitutional law, devolution, open government, open contracting, public administration, governance and anti-corruption
  2. Drafting and review of legislation
  3. Policy research and implementation
  4. Research management

  • Have demonstrable experience, preferably over 5 years in the technical area ie extractive industry
  • Have an advanced university degree  or relevant professional experience
  • Have the ability to develop relevant, user-friendly material e.g briefs and reports
  • Have exceptional report writing skills, and ability to address technical matters in accessible language.
  • Have exceptional analytical skills
  • Have proven ability to work reliably to tight deadlines
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • brief summary proposal on how the applicant(s) intend(s) to take on the assignment, including proposed work plan/ time schedule, deliverables, and key aspects of methodological approach envisaged
  • A writing sample (unedited) on a relevant topic, ideally on an issue related to Kenya’s or other extractive industry
  • Contact details for at least two independent referees with in-depth knowledge of the applicant’s expertise and relevant work experience.
  • A duly filled out  AfriCOG consultant profile (herewith attached)

The consultants must:
Application procedure
The applications must be sent to by 18th July 2013, with the following attached:

Please indicate: “Call for proposals-Consultancy to develop a brief on entrenching good governance (transparency and accountability) in Kenya’s oil extractive industry”, in the subject line of your email.