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Friday, 26 July 2013

India, Nigeria sign solar power plant deal

Dear Readers

I usually do not post much on West Africa, as this blog is dedicated to Eastern Africa. However, i thought i should include this story. Because as i blog the following scenario is about to replicate itself in Eastern and other parts of Africa.

With the success of the Chinese on the continent, the Indians are also flexing their muscle, seeking deals and enhancing trade ties on a supposedly equal partnership with African countries. A lesson should be learned on how Indians do business from the story below, a little is borrowed from the Chinese, a bit from the West and some is inherently the Indian way.

ABUJA: India and Nigeria have signed an agreement to locate sites for solar power plants in Niger state, the first of a series of power plant deals which would provide additional energy for African country's national grid.

The agreement was signed between Nigeria's permanent secretary in the Ministry of Power - Godknows Igali and the secretary to the Government of India, Sutanu Behuria.

With this agreement, Bharat Heavy Electricals will begin preliminary studies ahead of siting independent solar-powered plants in selected locations in Niger, a Nigerian newspaper, Daily Trust reported.

"Nigeria's power sector will remain open to investment with the hope of unbundling the sector's potential," Igali said after the signing.

Behuria expressed India's interest in the provision of funds in various forms for the development of Nigeria's power sector..